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The fire extinguisher is not available the fire of charged equipment, otherwise will have the personal dangerous.

The Product Introduce
Our company produces MPZ seriesof water fire extinguisher ,defers to the GB4351-2005 standard , the casing bodyis made of the high quality carbon steel after the special processing.The series fire extinguisher has the simply structure, operation easily and application widespread, easy to operate, lower price and so on.Widely applies in various trades andoccupations

The Structure and Composes of Fire Extinguisher
The fire extinguisher mainly made up of the tube body unit, unit, nozzle unit etc, the fire-extinguishing mixes the fluid of the water membrane , the actuation gas is nitrogen, the working pressure under the normal temperature is 1.2MPa.

The Main Performance and Characteristic
The Main Performance and Characteristic
1 The series of fire extinguisher has high fighting efficiency ,rapid and so on the internal fire-extinguishing is stably, non-toxic, storage merits and so on does not have the pollution,easily to storage .
2 With actuation non-toxic gas, tasteless, does not have the injury to the body after spraying.
3 The fire extinguisher bottle valve is with the pressure gauge, has the function of showing its internal pressure , easily for inspection .

The Use Scope
1 Suitable in putting off the beginning fire of the flammable liquid and and gas, also for the fire of charged equipment, in which MFZ/ABC also available in the fire of flammable solid.Widely applies in oil field, fuel depot, factory, store, transformer vault etc, is the necessary fire equipmentfor the fire preventing and safeguard life and property of the people
2 The Temperature Scope is: +5⊥‵+55⊥﹝

Main technical parameterㄗ20⊥㊣5⊥ㄘ

Model Weight
Effective spraying time
Effective spraying
Spraying lag time
Sprays surplus rate
Foaming multiple analyzes fluid time
Fire fighting rank



















2﹜rocket unit

3﹜tube body unit



The Application Method
Raises the fire extinguisher to the fire scene, pulling out theinsurance pin, grips tightly the hose, press down the presseing handle,aim at flame base to spray; A spray fire B cover fire.Loose the handle, may stop spraying, thus gap spraying.

The maintains
1 Depositing temperature : +5⊥‵+45⊥; Does not in the hot sun ,close fire or vibrate fiercely.
2 The fire extinguisher should put sturdily, deposit in the air seasoning place .
3 Inspect the safety pin and the lead sealing frequently whether it is complete,the value of pressure conform to the requirement, the spare part less crowded, distortion,corrosion or damage
4 The fire extinguisher expire should inspec the bottle valve, nozzle the tube body and so on again every two year after five years And carries on 2.1MPa the hydraulic pressure test, qualified should not carry on abandonment processing.
5 The fire extinguisher service or the sufficient attire should by the intelligence specialized fire service department to carry on the repair, the user does not disassemble or repair;Refer the maintenance handbook.

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